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2013 Competition will take place on the 21st of September.

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The Pikefly International Fishing Competition was set up in 1998 to promote Pike angling on Lough Derg. The competition was set up to support an already successful International Pike Angling Challange and to allow for an alternative type of fishing for visiting and local anglers




The concept of fly-fishing for pike is not a new one. Books written during the 19th century, and indeed earlier, describe the idea of luring our largest freshwater predator using hooks dressed with cocktails of fur and feather. Much more recently fly-fishing for pike has grown in popularity, not just as an alternative to the customary methods used by pike anglers, but also as a fresh challenge to an increasing number of sport-fly-fishers emerging from a more traditional game angling background. 

The purpose of this guide is to assist anglers who are new to the sport in understanding the important role which pike have to play in a modern, well managed fishery. Also to encourage the use of tackle and equipment which is appropriate to the task, and most importantly of all, to promote a better understanding of how pike may be handled in a way which minimises any chance of harm either to the fish or the angler.


John Ezendam (Condor) with Bill Hickey (Mayfly Marine) will organise a demonstration of the new 
Predator boat, the “Killer Whale”.
from Sept.18th to 21st.